Security Grilles

Security Grilles offer high levels of security while still allowing for lots of natural light to enter the secure area. Outside vision is not restricted, only unwanted entry and ventilation is not prevented. Stay cool and safe at the same time. Make burglars think that your property will take too much effort to get into.

Fastline's security grilles are manufactured to safeguard against vandalism and unlawful entry. They come in a range of colours and finishes; they can be custom designed  to suit almost any window, door or opening.  

Types of Security Grilles

  • Standard grilles
  • Permanent mesh grilles
  • Sliding
  • Folding - keep the floor space clear, which is very important in case of trip hazards or wheel chair users.
  • floor tracks
  • Hinged Grilles
  • Open both sides
  • High security locks with extra grille

Areas suitable for Security Grilles:

  • Sliding patio doors
  • Doors
  • Roller shutters
  • Recessed or secluded areas - basements
  • In place of roller shutters

 Uses - features:

  • Retail and commercial  - recessed doorways - deter people from climbing
  • Deter burglars
  • Protect windows from damage
  • Unobtrusive - pleasant appearance
  • Physical protection of doors and windows



Security Grilles

Please contact us for a quote. We'll be able to supply Security Grilles to suit your specific needs.

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